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Reminiscence On The First Coup Of January 15, 1966

The Hidden Challenge Around 2019 Elections As We See A Clash Of The Power Blocs That Will Precipitate The Rise Of A New Nigeria

From the events that led to the independence of Nigeria as a nation on October 1, 1960, it appears our country was conditioned by its midwives to be born lame and has since remained deformed and arrested in development by the stronghold of a few Mafia groups within it; men who see elections and control over a people as nothing but an orthodox game of power for the propagation of a selfish/sectarian agenda. Most of, if not all Presidents/Head of State/Governors etc in Nigeria owe their emergence to the “anointing” of these coterie of forces. Some of these mafia organs are peopled by civilians, religious leaders, business tycoons etc, while others are just a squad of retired soldiers, particularly the “set of 1966” in the Nigerian Army; the gang that shot at the soul of Nigeria as a federation and took away the seed of NATIONHOOD under controversial circumstances in the guise of the first coup and counter coup of 1966 when power was seized and made to only flow from the barrel of the gun. The latter took off their military uniform in retirement at some point to wear the toga of politicians and have hitherto wielded tremendous dictatorial audacity within our geopolitical space.

This reality however cascades into the ongoing electioneering as evident in the “creation” of Atiku Abubakar by the Generals in mufti; depicted in the last minute intrigues that produced him as the PDP Presidential flag bearer in the party primaries. The same is also true for Muhammadu Buhari’s endorsement by ex-Generals and other entrenched forces in the system for his eventual victory in the election of 2015 after his failed attempts on the same project in 2003, 2007 and 2011.

The aforementioned influential cartel is registered in Northern Nigeria as Kaduna Mafia, Fulani Oligarchy, Sokoto Caliphate, Retired Generals etc. In Southern Nigeria, the two main power brokers are; ardent aristocratic followers of Obafemi Awolowo’s socio-political ideologies (Afenifere) and die-hard loyalists to Bola Tinubu a.k.a. JAGABAN.

For anyone reading the handwriting on the wall of time over Nigeria, I feel the strong hold of electoral dictation from these power brokers is beginning to radically wane. On the one hand, Bola Tinubu -The APC Presidential Campaigner-in-Chief and a “creation” of Afenifere in 1999 who has over time grown in avuncular stature and effervescence with great political sagacity over and above the “parent group” Afenifere is more or less going to be used inadvertently by providence to smash the calabash of negative hegemony in the coming election. Buhari on the other hand, seen as a taciturn and not being very adroit in the art of political subterfuge is set and avowed to slog it out with his colleague-Generals in what appears like the last and epic battle that may recalibrate Nigeria and very likely herald the RISE OF A NEW NATION. How this plays out in details is only known to God – the Supreme Being.

As Nigeria silently undergo an historic transition, though awkwardly, tentatively, yet inexorable to close the door on old malpractices that have caused a once upon a time rich nation to reside in the tenement of the global poor, I sincerely hope and pray for NATIONHOOD to emerge as the winner in and through the next election when the right of all will start gaining ascendancy over the might of a few leading up to an equitable redistribution of our commonwealth for quality life and living in an egalitarian society.

About 30 days remaining before 2019 elections, I chose to rest my premonitions on the concord of two verses in the good book (Act 4:24 and 2 Chronicles 20:23) that “Nigeria will conquer her conquerors no matter how powerful. In their gathering, plotting and scheming, they will not only fail but turn to help destroy one another for the freedom of the innocent”

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

© Seye Oyetade – Matters of Heritage

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