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A Tribute To The Legend: Chief Obafemi Oyeniyi Awolowo

From biblical and contemporary history, it seems the deliverance of families, cities, and nations has always been tied to the birth of certain children.

When the time for the deliverance of Israelites from the bondage of Egypt drew near…Moses was born (Act 7:17-20)
Simeon, the priest while carrying Jesus as a baby brought into the temple for dedication, said “my eyes have seen the salvation of Israel” (Luke2:30)

Today in history (March 6) and certainly in the year 1909, one of such that falls into this category was born into the family of Sopolu and Efunyela Awolowo and named Jeremiah Oyeniyi Obafemi Awolowo

Awo as fondly called had it very rough starting off in life, as a child who lost his father at the age of 7 but rather than indulge in a suffocating self-pity, he rose against all odds to become a prominent politician and statesman of all times per excellence in Nigeria and Africa within a lifetime of 78 years (March 9, 1909 – May 9, 1987)
While in the United Kingdom, as a 36-year-old student together with others like Dr. Akerele started the Egbe Omo Oduduwa at No 51, Messina Avenue, Hampstead, London (An organization dedicated to the unity of Yoruba people and the preservation of the Yoruba culture). The group later transformed into Egbe Afenifere with a political arm known as the Action Group of Nigeria, an assembly of patriots that powerfully and positively dominated the political landscape of Nigeria and influenced other groups for good to the point of securing the independence of Nigeria and other African nations from the grip of colonial rule in the late 50s rolling into the 60s.

Through the force of integrity and strong personality, Awo used all means to preach and as it was, sell the doctrine of Social Welfarism for the construction of an egalitarian society that has lent great luster to the percentage of democracy we enjoy today.

Awolowo in his lifetime displayed such an uncommon leadership as well as sagacity combined with charisma, vision, and discipline to become the first “Asiwaju” of Yoruba Politics with a strong sense of duty to Nigeria and Africa. Out of self-discipline, he devoted himself to work from the crack of dawn till late at night over issues of regional and national progress unlike many of his political colleagues (as we still have today) who would rather spend hours idling away and carousing with women of easy virtues. One should therefore not wonder why after over 30 years since he left the planet, his name still towers above all and remains a point of moral and political rectitude in our national affairs.

Awo is, without doubt, one of the few mortals who though dead still rule the hearts of men and women from the graveyard. The documentation of his philosophy, principles, and blueprints till date are not just monumental decorations but dreaded weapons for the mass movement in pursuit of good governance.

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